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All you need to deploy a smart contract for your NFT collection is fill in a form with settings and click one button. No more coding tutorials and looking for devs.

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Use Drppr to effortlessly deploy bot-proof versatile smart contracts for your NFT collection that will cover all your needs. Tailor settings to fit your marketing strategy and launch within seconds. Pay less and create more, with Drppr.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to start deploying my NFT collections on Drppr?

The Drppr platform is designed to be user-friendly and require no technical skills. To start, all you need is your collection and the settings you want to apply for the minting process. Our platform walks you through all the steps needed to deploy your NFT smart contract.

How quickly can I launch my NFT collection on Drppr?

With Drppr's intuitive and efficient platform, you can deploy and launch your NFT collection within seconds. Once your settings are finalized and you've clicked the Deploy button, your contract is instantly active and your dedicated minting page is ready for collectors.

How does Drppr optimize my smart contracts for sales?

Drppr's smart contract is extremely flexible in the way you can set up mint mechanics and leverage market meta. You can combine the following mechanics in any combination: Fixed mint price; First X free per wallet; First X total mints free; Allowlist mint - in any combination! With our platform, you can fine-tune your contract to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize sales.

What does 'No registration needed' mean?

It means that Drppr doesn't require anything but your wallet address to start creating. As a decentralized tool, we allow you to build and launch your NFT collections with full freedom and no bureaucratic hurdles.

What level of ownership do I have over my deployed contracts?

On Drppr, you have complete ownership over your deployed contracts. The contracts are independent of third parties and are immediately visible on all marketplaces. This ensures that you maintain full control and benefits from your NFT collections.

How can I manage my NFT collections after deployment?

Drppr provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily manage your deployed collections. You can update settings on the fly and monitor the performance of your collections directly from this dashboard.

Are my deployed contracts compatible with all marketplaces?

Yes, contracts deployed using Drppr are designed to be compatible with all major NFT marketplaces. This ensures your collections can reach a wider audience and boosts their potential for success.

Is there any hidden cost when deploying NFTs with Drppr?

No, Drppr prides itself on being transparent and affordable. Deploying your NFT collection is free, you only pay gas fees, which are lower than competition. Then if you make any profits, Drpps takes a flat share of 5%, that's it. We strive to make NFT deployment accessible to all creators.

Do I need to have my artwork and metadata prepared before deploying on Drppr?

On Deployer plan, you need to have your artwork and metadata prepared beforehand. This includes having a base URI ready. When using Creator, Moonshot or Blue Chip plans, we take care of the generation process in consulations with you, and once satisfied, we handle uploading your collecton on IPFS.

What blockchains are supported?

As of now, you can create ERC721-based smart contracts on Ethereum and Base blockchains. More blockchains will be supported in the future.

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